Dry Cleaning

  • Same day service available at no extra cost
  • We specialise in the cleaning of high value garments and gowns. We also clean all manner of sports wear including team sports strips and specialised outdoor equipment
  • Our highly trained and skilled staff achieve the best possible results with each and every item, with every article passing through at least 8 stages before final inspection. Be it a historical garment over a hundred years old or the latest in designer fashion we can freely advise you on how best to clean it.
  • All articles are cleaned pressed and hand finished on the premises.
  • Everything is done by us, nothing is contracted out.

Our staff are specialists in the cleaning of high quality ladies and men's wear, bridal gowns, suits and historical garments, all of which are finished by hand. We clean garments the majority of other cleaners turn away because they do not have the expertise.

We also provide a professional cleaning service for curtains, duvets and loose furnishing covers and are able to deal with smoke and flood damaged material.

We can also provide a highly skilled repair and alteration service. This may become very advantageous in the recessionary times. The expensive item you were considering of discarding, can be repaired and altered, so that after our careful cleaning and hand finishing care, the garment be fully re-vitalized.

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Alterations & Repairs

Bring that special garment back to life with our highly skilled alteration & repair service.
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Poulton Cleaning Centre

Shirt Service

Our shirt service offers unbeatable quality and value. Each shirt goes through a pre-wash inspection before treatment, followed by hand finishing and final inspection. The shirts are returned on hangers in a plastic sleeve. From £1.50 !!

Smoke & Flood Damage

We can launder and dry clean any smoke or flood damaged items, effectively removing odour and staining and can also provide a full insurance report on the damaged items

Duvet & Bedding Service

Same day service again at no extra cost
Clean bedding and duvets are essential these days. A number of ailments including asthma, tiredness, headaches and nausea have been directly attributed to allergies against 'dust mites'. These creatures set up home in bed linen and duvets and remain undetected due to their microscopic size. In the past they were killed off by our harsh winters but these days with our milder weather, central heating and double glazing they proliferate more than ever.
Our special treatments, used regularly, helps to eradicate these pests.

FREE Collection and Delivery Service

Let us do it for you, in our environmentally friendly Little Green Van!